Men’s Street Style Lookbook With BoohooMAN

Thank Your For Sharing With Your Friends!FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinemailEveryone Wants the Freshest Fit One of the challenges with everyday style is finding a trendy company that doesn’t charge you $300 for a shirt.. BoohooMAN is one of the my favorite companies because it’s not a… Continue Reading

Man’s Guide to Styling The Long Tee

Cole Haan, The Well Dressed Student, GQ Insider, GQ

Thank Your For Sharing With Your Friends!FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinemailIntro The long tee is making a stand in the fashion world and I keep getting these two major questions: “How do I wear it?” and “Where do I get one?” I’m gonna to go… Continue Reading

Dressing Dapper on a Budget: Professional Wardrobe for Under $300

Thank Your For Sharing With Your Friends!FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinemailWhat I hear so much: “Ya know, I really do want to dress nice everyday. But $1000 for a suit??? I can’t afford that” I am here to teach you how to build an… Continue Reading

Fashion: A Student’s Perspective

Thank Your For Sharing With Your Friends!FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinemailClothes are expensive, but there are plenty of brands out there that are affordable and still high quality. Hey, I’d rather pay my tuition than buy a gucci bag. Still want a gucci bag… Continue Reading