Three Christmas Gifts for the Gent in Your Life

Thank Your For Sharing With Your Friends!FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinemailKey to Gifting There are a few key points I based these gifts off of. Practicality Durable Visually Stimulating All of these gifts, in my opinion, are the most beautiful on the market in… Continue Reading

A Night to Remember at Greensboro Fashion Week

Thank Your For Sharing With Your Friends!FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinemailLegend-wait for it- dairy I was invited to Greensboro Fashion Week, due to school I could only come for a day- but what a day it was. Red carpet leading up to the event,… Continue Reading

5 Fashion Tips for Staying Stylish In The Cold

Thank Your For Sharing With Your Friends!FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinemailGame of Thrones warned us, winter is coming and it is hitting hard. Stay stylish in the cold with these superb fashion tips: 1. Utilize Peacoats and Top Coats, They Are Your Friend. Check out… Continue Reading

Going Back To School In Style

Thank Your For Sharing With Your Friends!FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinemailAnother year of some type of schooling:  high school, college, grad, med, dental, maybe even daycare. Make sure you go back in style. Here are a few of my favorite looks that vary from… Continue Reading

Back to School Must Have Ties

Thank Your For Sharing With Your Friends!FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinemailBack to school ladies and gents. You now know the best college discounts, now use some of them to grab these ties. Make sure you have these heading back to campus.  These are the must… Continue Reading

Dressing Dapper on a Budget: Professional Wardrobe for Under $300

Thank Your For Sharing With Your Friends!FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinemailWhat I hear so much: “Ya know, I really do want to dress nice everyday. But $1000 for a suit??? I can’t afford that” I am here to teach you how to build an… Continue Reading

This Spring and Summers’ Must Have Ties

Thank Your For Sharing With Your Friends!FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinemailHey ladies and gents, If you want to look as stylish as possible this spring and summer, you came to the right place. Giving you the student perspective, and today’s topic is some must… Continue Reading

Fashion: A Student’s Perspective

Thank Your For Sharing With Your Friends!FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinemailClothes are expensive, but there are plenty of brands out there that are affordable and still high quality. Hey, I’d rather pay my tuition than buy a gucci bag. Still want a gucci bag… Continue Reading