The Perfect Wallet for a Guy on the Go

Wallets on Wallets  I have two big problems with wallets They hurt my butt, every guy understands this struggle. With all these hackers and credit card scanners, are my cards safe? I have had the same wallet for the past… Continue Reading

The Tie Bar Just Launched Dress Shirts And They Are…..

The Tie Bar The Tie Bar was built on the idea of stylish menswear that’s affordable. They revolutionized the market with the original $15 ties which recently bumped up to $20. Some of my favorite looks include their ties. Great brand and… Continue Reading

Dear Kanye West, I Support You

Sunny Murthy, Kanye West, Boohoo

Kanye’s Vision I’m not going to claim to I understand Kanye’s vision and his ideas of the future- I don’t. In the same aspect people don’t understand mine. I get heat for the future I see, every great visionary does. What… Continue Reading


BMC Tie Bars, I have this exact set and I love them. Fantastic range of colors and durable tie bars for an amazing price.        2. Cole Haan Howland Penny Loafer            3. Bombas,… Continue Reading

Virginia Tech FMDS Took Us Into The Wild

Virginia Tech FMDS crushed it last night. The local boutiques got to show off (at the demise of my bank account I’ll be visiting all of them soon) and the designers were so impressive. All the hard work and dedication… Continue Reading