The People Behind Moore and Giles

Thank Your For Sharing With Your Friends!FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinemailThis is a new series we are doing about the people behind the companies we have come to love. ” The People Behind..” How this is going to work: I created a second page… Continue Reading

Incorporating Accessories into Nice Winter Look

Thank Your For Sharing With Your Friends!FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinemailHello everyone! All photography is done by RJ Goodwin, unless it does not look professional, then I probably took it with my iPhone. Apologies for how long this took, school has been so busy.… Continue Reading

Pulling off Leather Bags ft. Snow

Thank Your For Sharing With Your Friends!FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinemailFirst off, we got a twitter! Go follow it Twitter: @DressedStudent ( Insta: @welldressedstudent So originally we cancelled our photo shoot, our city hit a crazy low of -11 degrees and there was more… Continue Reading

Intro to Pulling Off Leather Bags

Thank Your For Sharing With Your Friends!FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinemailMoore and Giles gave us some amazing bags, belts, and wallets to have some fun with. These bags are top tier, and we cannot wait to see the Haversack… Coming soon The struggle… Continue Reading