Mastering the Black Denim with Old Navy

Denim Denim is easily one of my favorite materials. Everyone should have a pair of blue and black jeans. I currently have 6 different colors varying from maroon to green. Black denim is intimidating and usually people just do black… Continue Reading

Beginner’s Guide For Making Money As a Blogger or Influencer

The Good Life Everyone see’s popular influencers and bloggers like Adam Gallagher and Jane Aldridge living the life and want to do what they do. Here’s the thing- you can but you have to be willing to put in hours upon… Continue Reading

The One Major Flaw With Airbnb

NYC, Well Dressed Student, GQ, Airbnb

What is Airbnb? Airbnb is a new way of lodging when you travel. People rent out their own homes/apartments to travelers. It’s an amazing idea and I truly love it, sometimes much cheaper and you truly get to live like… Continue Reading

3 Things All Men Should Try This Summer

Advancing The Modern Man The world of menswear has evolved so much in the past 10 years. With a renaissance-ish explosion of companies trying to have the next revolutionary idea, I put a list together of my three favorites I think… Continue Reading

Why Bombas Will Always Be My Favorite Sock Company

Well Dressed Student, Socks Bombas, Socks, Menswear, Fashion

The Socks That Will Make You Want To #BeeBetter: I first saw Bombas on an episode of one of my favorite shows- Shark Tank. It’s a show where entrepreneurs go in front of investors and pitch their company or idea. Typically… Continue Reading

Food Drive Strategy: Rethinking The Process

Philanthropy, local kids, charity

I started Pre-Meds Without Borders at Virginia Tech last semester with the intention of allowing students to be more involved in volunteer opportunities. Not just one 2-week trip to another country once a year. I wanted to make an impact… Continue Reading