Five Essential Boots To Buy Before Winter

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I’m a huge fan of boots, it’s easy to bring together a look with some stylish boots. In the winter, they are pretty much necessary. It’s hard to find boots that are effective and stylish.  Like suits, there are three main styles every guys should have- simple cap toe dress, chelsea, and casual everyday boots. After you get those three, you can start branching out to wingtip, combat and ankle boots. It’s an investment so the prices in this post are going to range from $125-265, but I promise each one of them is worth the price. The list isn’t in any particular order, every single shoe on here I would easily buy. I’ll be doing another post describing in detail what each one of these styles is like! Be sure to subscribe below so you don’t miss it 😉

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The Cap Toe Boot by Taft- $235

I am so in love with these, I genuinely believe they are the most beautiful boots on the market. Throw on some jeans with ’em and you will be the most stylish dude in the room. I included four pics below of how I would style these amazing boots (click the pic to see full size). Buy them here.

Taft, Taft Clothing, Taft Shoes, Menswears, Boots, fashion, lifestlye

Have Mercy

Fashion, Lifestyle, Boots, Menswear, Shoes, Winter, Moore and Giles, TaftFashion, Lifestyle, Boots, Menswear, Shoes, Winter, Moore and Giles, TaftFashion, Lifestyle, Boots, Menswear, Shoes, Winter, Moore and Giles, Taft

Fashion, Lifestyle, Boots, Menswear, Shoes, Winter, Moore and Giles, Taft

Blacked Out with Thursday Boots- $199

All black boots are an essential addition to your shoe collection. Nothing goes better with black jeans than black boots, included a picture of how I would rock them. I actually don’t own a pair of black boots, these are on my list to cop soon as my bank account returns from the grave… Buy them here!


Black Captain


Chelsea by Ben Sherman- $125

Almost no one has this color but it has to be one of my favorite, this Chelsea Boot is an essential. They would look amazing with some blue jeans, long tee and a bomber. Ben Sherman makes rad clothes and shoes, these are a prime example of that. Buy them here.

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Amazon Fashion with CK- $144

Calvin Klein will always be one of the most fashion forward companies out there. This price tag is nice, they are super stylish and I love the straps. Rocking the straps is adventurous, guarantee you will receive so many compliments on these! Buy them here.

Calvin Klein, Amazon, Amazon Fashion, Clothing, Shoes, Menswears, Boots, fashion, lifestlyeThe Well Dressed Student

Mack Boot by Taft- $260

I need to stop going to Taft’s website before I actually buy every single shoe on there. The Mack Boot is a great sand colored addition to any kick collection. I’m not going to be including any pics of how I would rock this because god help me it’ll make me want them even more. Buy them here.

Sand Taft

I hope you all enjoyed the post! Be sure to share this, maybe the right person will see it and buy you a pair :)! Happy shopping.


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The Well Dressed Student

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Sunny Murthy

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