Upgrading the Basic Suit and Tie With Accessories

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Be Bold

The basic suit and tie look is simple, elegant, and needs an upgrade. The focus should be accessories: tie bar, lapel pin (or flower) and pocket square can upgrade a look so easily. The tie bar, tie, and pocket square are all from SprezzaBox.¬†Every month they send a box of 4-5 items that are valued at over $100 for only $25 a month. I love it, and I wouldn’t tell you all about it if I didn’t. If you sign up here and use the code “WellDressedStudent” you can get 10% off! The lapel pin is something I totally love, Ties is the plug. The second look includes a flower lapel instead of the pin lapel. I really think the flower lapel is fading out of style and lapel pins are in, have fun with it.

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Wrist and Finger

Another big focus is what’s on your wrist and finger. I am huge into rings and cufflinks. Amazon Fashion is the place to grab rings. I just bought the ring from Lord of the Rings and I can’t wait for it to come in. A nice watch can really make or break a look, I always match my ring, cufflinks and watch. My favorite watch brand is Citizen and no they aren’t paying me to say that, man I wish they were. Rings are an expression of oneself just like everything else that makes up your style. The claws are all about releasing my inner beast- I suggest you do the same.


The goal is for you to have a simple look that speaks volumes without being overwhelming. It’s difficult but once you master the art of styling, you master yourself. I don’t think clothes make the man, I do believe that clothes represent more about you than you’d think. Have fun and explore, learn about what you like, what looks good on you, and set your own trends. I want to inspire you to find yourself and ignore “fashion rules.” I hope with these tips you can upgrade your look!

Sunny Murthy

Sunny Murthy

Sunny is the owner of The Well Dressed Student, LLC, a current Junior at Virginia Tech. Sunny wants to inspire people to overlook the boundaries set in everything from fashion to life goals. Allowing his mind to explore all avenues without restrictions or care for people's opinion is where his uniqueness is rooted from. With this vision in mind, the possibilities for him are endless. "It's fun to do the impossible" -Walt Disney

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