Dear Kanye West, I Support You

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Kanye’s Vision

I’m not going to claim to I understand Kanye’s vision and his ideas of the future- I don’t. In the same aspect people don’t understand mine. I get heat for the future I see, every great visionary does. What I can say is that I will support Kanye West in his journey to create a reality that represents his dreams. One of my favorite quotes is “Don’t tell big dreams to small-minded people.” Look throughout history and you will see a long list of people who were  “ahead of their time” and were hated while they were alive but deemed one of the greats after people realized the greatness of their work. Is Kanye the next Picasso or the next Walt Disney? No, he is paving his own path in the artistic field whose work you can’t compare to others. You can count Kanye out but I promise he will never quit, and he shouldn’t. He thinks he can change the world and is constantly being told he’s stupid, and doesn’t know anything about art. Yea, someone the Dean of Students at SAIC says this about: “Here is this major figure in the cultural landscape promoting art school, this guy from Chicago saying art school is cool. So we thought, ‘This man deserves an honorary doctorate from us!’ He should have gone here.” is stupid and doesn’t know anything about art.


The Fashion Industry is Ruthless

If you don’t understand Yeezy collection, then just let him be. I will always support Kanye and the Yeezy season lines because I grew up listening to him. His confidence in life helped me when I wasn’t confident in myself at all. Look at me now, a successful model & fashion blogger biochemist who started his first company when he was 19. Everyone is against Kanye, just adding to his superhero theme music. I don’t know a single blogger or style icon (besides K fam and biebs) who openly support Kanye’s line. I have tried to make my mark on the fashion industry, my goal is to bring fashion companies together for the common purpose of advancing the modern human- starting with the kids. The majority of fashion companies don’t want that, they want to increase earnings, they want to sell their cheaply made garbage at absurd rates while treating their employees like crap. They want to push this idea of a Barbie and Ken goal of what beautiful looks like. Being too skinny, too fat, too dark, too light, too short, too tall all of that is bad in their eyes. That’s what it conveys to the public, “you’re not perfect, our models are because they are the perfect size and perfect skin color and wearing our clothes.” Kanye is pushing that being yourself is beautiful. If you don’t vibe with his line, that’s fine. You’re completely allowed to not like something, even hate it for that matter. Just let him grind out and we will see what he can accomplish.

Doubt us and just wait, we will change the world.

Sunny Murty

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Sunny Murthy

Sunny is the owner of The Well Dressed Student, LLC, a current Junior at Virginia Tech. Sunny wants to inspire people to overlook the boundaries set in everything from fashion to life goals. Allowing his mind to explore all avenues without restrictions or care for people's opinion is where his uniqueness is rooted from. With this vision in mind, the possibilities for him are endless. "It's fun to do the impossible" -Walt Disney

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