The Five Best Menswear Looks On Instagram This Week

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Best Looks Of The Week

I love creating content on instagram and connecting with other bloggers/influencers. I wanted to start a new series where I share my favorite 5 posts of people I follow and one of my own personal looks each week. That way you can get a sense of what my timeline looks like and even more inspiration! If you are interested in being apart of the list, tag @WellDressedStudent in your pictures!

Personal Favorite

Styled head to toe in BoohooMan except the sunglasses, those are from Perry Ellis.

Stay fresh this weekend — 👞👖👕:@boohoomanofficial Captured by RJ Goodwin

A photo posted by Sunny Murthy (@welldressedstudent) on

Juan and Only

Someone I get a lot of inspiration from is definitely The Dapper Juan. I’m a huge fan of blue and brown and the way he composed the colors of this combination with the watch and pocket square is awesome.

Complementing patterns. | @woodwatches_com & @tiesdotcom #thedapperjuan

A photo posted by Juan De La Rosa (@thedapperjuan) on

Levitate Your Style

Leo is the man, his style game is always on point. He has the ability to honestly rock anything he puts on. Love this street look with the ripped jeans and Marc Jacobs jacket.

The One and Only Mr. Blake Scott

Blake is probably one of my favorite instagrammers. His ability to style is amazing and adventurous yet always classy. This green double-breasted blazer both looks super stylish and the fit is perfect. Colors on this are awesome. The picture is from 2 years ago, he posted a #throwback so it technically counts. I loved it so much I had to include this.

2 years ago today, and still loving this linen jacket. #BlakeScott #Tbt

A photo posted by Blake Scott (@blakescott_) on

I Love Fitness

I’ve been working out a good amount more and doing my best to stay fit. One of my favorite clothing lines for fitness is Alphalete and they are dropping a new Zenith Line for guys and girls soon and I’m so excited. The Zenith Line looks so good and based on how their other gym shirts fit, I am super stoked to see this. Their sleeves are cut so that they fit tighter but still allow good movement of your shoulder. Also the stitching is in a different spot than most shirts so that when your traps have a pump it doesn’t turn your short sleeve into a no sleeve. 

3 days. #Alphalete #Zenith

A photo posted by Alphalete Athletics (@alphalete) on

Alexander The Great

Street style for Alexander is like skin for him. He crushes the street style game and the vibe of his pictures are awesome. This picture isn’t a little older than a week so sue me 😛 Style is great, photography is great and his hair is really stellar as well.


I hope you enjoyed these instagram posts. Be sure to share and subscribe so you don’t miss out on the latest post. When you are ready to upgrade your dress shirt game, click here


Sunny Murthy

The Well Dressed Student


Sunny Murthy

Sunny is the owner of The Well Dressed Student, LLC, a current Junior at Virginia Tech. Sunny wants to inspire people to overlook the boundaries set in everything from fashion to life goals. Allowing his mind to explore all avenues without restrictions or care for people's opinion is where his uniqueness is rooted from. With this vision in mind, the possibilities for him are endless. "It's fun to do the impossible" -Walt Disney

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